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Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 weeks!!!!

I am currently 1 month away from my competition! Holy cow! I'm sooooo excited! I have my suit, registering for my NPC card tomorrow and then registering for the show. I'm even doing that silly girly laugh!

This Tues I'm going to be trying a new cardio class with my coach Janelle. It's a Tabatta class and I'm praying I survive! I've been doing lots of HIIT cardio (High Intencity Interval Training) which has been kicking my butt but Tabatta is a whole new animal! lol.

Today I was in Salem, NH to get a new certification for the EFI Gravity Exercise Machine. Wow! This thing is nuts! I wasn't 100% prepared for the training. lol. The first thing we did at 8 am was a full body workout and unfortunately my first meal isn't until 830 am. This completely threw me off! Then at the end of class the tower to the machine, which is weighted, fell ontop of me and almost broke my arm. Like Stephen Seigal style! F'n crazy! But at least I'm certified! lol. Sadly, because of the class I had to go to a different gym tonight to make sure I got my cardio in for the night. Luckily I have an amazing friend and support system named Amy who came with me to do some cardio. I bribe her with my yummy homecooked meals. lol.

So, to end my day I'm hanging with Amy and the pup watching Knight Tale. So relaxing! Gonna work on getting some video of me training and prepping for the competition.

Have a good night all! Hugs!!!!


  1. Good luck with the Tabatta training. Kick butt at the competition! Looking forward to the vids. Much love

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  3. Yeah, success with the training!
    Well, I'll go to bed now it's here 03:00 AM.