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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back At it!

Soooo, I haven't done this in a bit :/  But, now I'm back : )  I've now relocated to Tampa, FL.  I've retired from my former profession as a pro wrestler.  I've attempted to compete this year (and not so happy with that).  This is my main reason for this blog.

Many people in my circle know how much I've battled with weight issues.  I've been relieved of my wrestling duties (one of the many times) because I didn't look "competition ready" as I had previously.  I've yo-yo'd up and down with my weight.  Gotten some amazing body image issues.  My body and mind have gone through a lot.  Allergies I never had before and now incorporated into everyday life.

Now, onto the good stuff lol.  The past couple months I have finally gotten this issue under control.  I'm still working with some of the body image issues but my health is amazing!  My weight is under control and I can't be happier!  This week has really been a turning point and the universe has let me know I'm on the right track.  People have started to see a difference in me and my "leaning out".  What's actually happening is my body is finally mine again.  I've been prepping for the Spartan Race that will be taking place here in Tampa on Feb 15 and doing along side our team that was brought together to race.  I've seen huge changes and I'm loving it!  I have a goal which is great and a great group to go with it.

This all started with a facebook message from a girl I competed with over a year ago.  Melissa Folster who is a WBFF pro competitor reached out to me and suggested I try Advocare and since then it's been life changing.  She introduced me to Liz Cort who is also a huge inspiration.  Thank you so much ladies for all the guidance and for changing my life.

Now, on to the future...  I will be accepting 1 question (only legitimate questions.  Not can I get a follow) every 2 weeks.  Wrestling or non.  I would prefer to switch off but I'll do my best.  You can tweet it, post it here or I will be accepting smoke signal ( but only if you live close).

Hope you guys are curious!  Send them in!  And, keep up with our team for the Spartan!!  Cheer us on!

Spartan Track Day