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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet Kristen!!

Almost a year ago this amazing lady came into my life as a client at LA Fitness.  We clicked pretty quickly since she's just as "spunky" as me.  Yes, the universe made another person as "spunky" as me!  LOL!  I'm so happy to say now she's a close friend and grateful for the friendship.  In the time we've gone down the journey of Kristen's fitness I've been fortunate enough to see her change and grow into the amazing person she is.  

Recently Jimmy and I put together a team for the Spartan Race here in Tampa FL and Kristen used the Spartan as a goal.  We started training for it in January and Kristen jumped right in!  Needless to say, she killed it!  Below is Kristen's story with some fun photos.  Enjoy!!!

What made you decide to take your first steps on your fitness journey?
            I have always been one of those people who have struggled with her weight, ever since I stopped playing soccer 3 years ago. I’m not really sure what happened, but I think I lost motivation and drive to work out because I had no reason to without soccer. I slowly gained weight, but it was not that much. After I moved to Tampa, I already started noticing weight gain and I did not like my body AT ALL. So the first winter break back home I got a trainer for the month and lost 9lbs. I was very excited and determined to keep my weight loss journey going. However, that is not how it played out. I came back to school and relied too heavily on other people to work out with me that I would only do it if someone came with me. At the same time, I was trying to juggle school and a social life. Looking back on it I don’t know why I made it seem so hard. Anyways, the spring semester after having a trainer did not go well because from then until last year I kept gaining weight until I reached my weight of 191lbs. During this time I became depressed and mad at myself that I could get that big and that unhealthy. I started trying to do lose weight the wrong way, such as, skipping meals. When I realized that wasn’t working I did the opposite and started binge eating. That mixed with barely working out at all landed me where I was before I went to LA fitness and met Nikki. I just couldn’t handle the way I looked anymore. It was hard for me to like myself or even look at myself in the mirror. All I wanted to do was sit in my room and do nothing. After many failed attempts at weight loss and getting tired of feeling down; I decided to join a gym and look into getting a trainer. I knew I needed a trainer to push me and provide me with the knowledge of how to balance working out and eating right to meet my goal. 

What was the most difficult part of the switch?  
            Once I started training with Nikki I had very high hopes that I would drop the weight in about 6 months. Well that was not the case at all and I could not understand why I wasn’t seeing changes after about a month. I thought I was eating the right way and I knew my workouts were good, but there were no results for my hard work. Then it was brought to my attention that I really wasn’t eating as healthy as I should be, so Nikki started me on a nutrition plan that has been the secret to my success. Food was the reason I got as heavy as I did, so I had to retrain myself to eat healthier and have smaller portion sizes. Also, I have such a sweet tooth that I used to eat candy and ice cream whenever I wanted and when I started I was cut off from all of that, so it was definitely an adjustment to change my eating habits.

How did you overcome it?
            It was not easy at first because my body still craved the “crap” food. The only thing that got me through it was the fact that I knew someone was watching exactly what I ate and I had to weigh myself every week. I had to tell myself that I needed to stick to the nutrition plan or else I wasn’t going to lose the weight I wanted to and I would let down my trainer. At the same time, that is why I wanted a trainer because they would hold me responsible for my actions. It makes you think twice about what you eat or whether you should skip a workout or not.

If you could give advice to anyone trying to make the changes in their life like you have what would it be?
            If I could give any sort of advice to people just starting out, it would be to keep your head up. You will go through periods of weight gain and weight loss and you just have to remember that there are different reasons that could be happening. If you are doing the right thing that you have no reason to be down. It is not all about what the scale says, but instead about how YOU feel and how your clothes fit. There is no doubt that the journey will be hard and it takes a lot of will power, but nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!

 If you could be a superhero who would you be? Why?
            I am actually really bad at answering these types of questions, but if I HAD to pick a superhero I would probably be….superman(or woman, whatever) because he is a powerful being and that is how I want to be on the inside and out. I want to not only look the part of superman, but I want to be able to be confident and proud of my accomplishments.

What goals have you made for the future?
            My ultimate goal is to be happy with my body and do it all in a healthy way. If I had to pick a target goal weight it would be about 140lbs by June of 2014. Also in June I am going to be competing in a tri fitness competition, thanks to Nikki. It includes bench press, box jumps, and shuttle runs that are all timed. I am very excited about this goal! I believe it will give me the end result I want and I will have something to motivate me to get me there.  I also would not mind running another mud race sometime soon, but ultimately I want to be able to continue this lifestyle I’ve been taught and try to teach other friend and family members because I know how rewarding it is to accomplish milestones in your life.

Give us a sample plan of your day.  
            On a typical day I eat six meals. Breakfast is usually oatmeal, ½ a grapefruit, and egg whites. For my first snack I will have P28 bread, peanut butter, and a bell pepper. At lunch I eat 5oz of turkey meat, brown rice, and a small apple. At my second snack I have 2oz of shrimp, rice, squash, marinara sauce, and little bit of olive oil. For dinner I eat a spinach salad with chicken, shredded carrots, and tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil dressing. Lastly, before bed I usually have a meal replacement shake. I recently started using advocare products as well. I did the 24 day challenge and currently I take a pre workout that consists of mass impact and arginine, alone with a catalyst, and a post workout (some days). Since I’m in school and need help with energy I drink spark! It does wonders! When I have a 6am workout I also take Pro20 before the workout instead of eating a full meal. Feel free to check out advocare at www.advocare.com/140148496 : ) I HIGHLY recommend it.

How did you feel running the Spartan Sprint on Feb 15th in Tampa?
            Wow. I did it! I just wasn’t sure what to expect and how I would be at it even though I trained for a month for it. I got more and more nervous the closer the race got. It didn’t help that before the race started I had to “jump” over a mini wall…I thought it was going to be trouble from there, but I am VERY proud at what I accomplished and I did it for ME.

What was the most difficult part?
            The race was not easy by any means, but I think the hardest part for me was climbing over the walls because I am afraid of heights and I can’t jump to save my life. The other part of the race where I wanted to quit was running up and down ALL of the stadium stairs. That got old REAL fast. Oh and of course the burpees were no fun after the first 30. I thought I would be okay with those from doing so many in training, but it was different doing it outside in the heat.

Would you run it again?
            I would most definitely run the race again! I am actually ready to run another race this summer. It was such a major accomplishment and so much fun to be able to say I completed the Spartan Race that I wanted that “high” again.

Any advice you'd give to someone looking to get ready for a race like the Spartan?
                Anyone doing the Spartan Race should definitely do some sort of training for it before just going in “blind.” However, the most important thing is just to have fun and try your best. There is no one judging you, so don’t worry about how you look or anything like that. It is a HUGE accomplishment just to finish the race. I think everyone should try at least one mud race in their life just for the experience. 


December 2012



Kristen is BatGirl

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back At it!

Soooo, I haven't done this in a bit :/  But, now I'm back : )  I've now relocated to Tampa, FL.  I've retired from my former profession as a pro wrestler.  I've attempted to compete this year (and not so happy with that).  This is my main reason for this blog.

Many people in my circle know how much I've battled with weight issues.  I've been relieved of my wrestling duties (one of the many times) because I didn't look "competition ready" as I had previously.  I've yo-yo'd up and down with my weight.  Gotten some amazing body image issues.  My body and mind have gone through a lot.  Allergies I never had before and now incorporated into everyday life.

Now, onto the good stuff lol.  The past couple months I have finally gotten this issue under control.  I'm still working with some of the body image issues but my health is amazing!  My weight is under control and I can't be happier!  This week has really been a turning point and the universe has let me know I'm on the right track.  People have started to see a difference in me and my "leaning out".  What's actually happening is my body is finally mine again.  I've been prepping for the Spartan Race that will be taking place here in Tampa on Feb 15 and doing along side our team that was brought together to race.  I've seen huge changes and I'm loving it!  I have a goal which is great and a great group to go with it.

This all started with a facebook message from a girl I competed with over a year ago.  Melissa Folster who is a WBFF pro competitor reached out to me and suggested I try Advocare and since then it's been life changing.  She introduced me to Liz Cort who is also a huge inspiration.  Thank you so much ladies for all the guidance and for changing my life.

Now, on to the future...  I will be accepting 1 question (only legitimate questions.  Not can I get a follow) every 2 weeks.  Wrestling or non.  I would prefer to switch off but I'll do my best.  You can tweet it, post it here or I will be accepting smoke signal ( but only if you live close).

Hope you guys are curious!  Send them in!  And, keep up with our team for the Spartan!!  Cheer us on!

Spartan Track Day

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mix-It-Up Mondays

Helllloooo World!!!

So, last month most of you guys attempted Meatless Mondays and there was lots of upset carnivores but you made it thru!  I'm so grateful for the support from you guys!  There were wrestlers, fans, friends and family that participated and seriously you all made an impact.  I hope lots of you will choose to keep incorporating the Meatless Monday to help the animals, the earth and your own little universe.

Now, on to this month.  I'm hoping to get Mix-It-Up Mondays going.  I'm challenging you to detox from sugar for the day.  The only sugars allowed are all natural (i.e. fruits, honey or agave).  For some of you this will be more difficult than it sounds.  This takes away processed foods, refined sugar and lots of juices unless they are homemade.  You'd be surprised how dependent some of us are on sugar and after the weekends (which is when everyone has the most fun) your body will welcome the break.

Refined sugar can be sneaky.  Lots of people are unsure of what it actually is.  It's actually made from sucrose which is extracted from raw sugar cane or sugar beets.  It's also known as granulated white sugar, brown sugar, fructose, sucrose, dextrose, malt syrup, and high fructose corn syrup.  On an average most Americans consume about 355 calories from sugar each day!  It's usually recommended that the average person only consume half of that if a male and a little less than half for females. 

With this over consumption of sugar we're looking at health issues ranging from obesity, tooth decay, hypoglycemia, diabetes and vitamin and mineral depletion.  With that being said, let's make a change!  Let's embrace a sugar detox once a week.  And if you're feeling frisky let's have both Meatless Monday and Mix-It-Up Monday! 

Thanks for the support and can't wait to hear how well everyone does!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why "Meatless Monday"

So most of you know this month's challenge from me to you is to give "Meatless Monday" a try.  I promise it's not because I love the catchy phrase, which of course I do!  It's because if we start on a Monday, the beginning of the week, hopefully the healthy trend will carry through the week.  Not necessarily the meatless part but conquering the challenge of controlling your eating habit you can keep it rolling!  With that being said, let's take a look at the environmental and health impact of participating in "Meatless Monday". 


We'll be cutting down our carbon footprint in so many ways! Think of the land and natural resources used for the livestock and housing the livestock.  The gas used to transport animals and the product. Studies show that 1,800-2,500 gallons of water go into the production of 1 pound of meat. This is just one example!  Not to mention you can help prevent animal cruelty.  How many of you change the channel, get misty eyed or turn away during the ASPCA commericals?  This is another way to help! 


The vegetarian diet has numerous effects on your health.  Starting with reducing your risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes to name a few.  Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet will help increase fiber and other nutrients in your body which help with fat loss, boost energy levels and living longer. 

Now I know the meat industry isn't going to cut down their production or the demand is going to disappear but just 1 day per week will actually make an impact!  And making  better decisions when choosing your meats throughout the rest of the week will help too.  So let's give this a try!

-Look for locally raise, grass-fed, free-range organic meats and poultry. 
-Leave the small things out (i.e. bacon bits)
-Buy sustainable fish. (not from anywhere that might overfish)
-Organic eggs, milk and cheeses
-Add more veggies in your meals

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hey everyone!

So this year has been amazing for myself and so many people in my life.  I'm so grateful for the past year and the amazing experiences/people that have come into my life.  I'm not going to list everything because it'll take up the majority of this blog and I will for sure forget someone or something.  LOL.  But, one thing I'm totally going to share is I had the opportunity to go home and be with family and friends who are just like my family.  It was amazing to get grounded again and reconnect with all of them.  The tricky part was saying goodbye again.  Goodness!  It was so tough!  But it was tough for a great reason. I have so much love that surrounds me. It's such a blessing!  Now we're back in Tampa and I'm ready to get this new year underway! I've have got a list of goals to get started on and getting this blog up to date is one of them!  LOL!  I would love feedback from everyone if they have some subjects they would like me touch upon please send an email here and let me know. 

Also, I would love to be your New Year's Resolution!  If you'd like to be a part of my team (Roxx Stars) send an email.

Thanks everyone! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's happening!!!

By it's I mean absolutely everything.  In 2 days I'll be shooting with Domenic Trapassi www.facebook.com/domenic.trapassi and I'm beyond excited about it!!  New photos are always exciting for me and you guys!!  LOL!  I finally got all my ideas together today.  Thankfully!  (silly diet brain)

In 4 days I'll be stepping onstage with The WBFF www.wbffshows.com for Kevin Topka's www.newenglandfitnessweekend.com .  This is something I started training for back in June after their June 2nd show.  I've put everything I have into this one.  I always thought I worked hard before but somehow I managed to work harder.  My ladies at Braintree Get In Shape where I used to work as their trainer know I was getting up at 330 am to get my morning cardio in.  Doing doubles but for my own training and for their training.  Finding ways to take a nap in between the shifts.  Eating a whole different way and somehow a whole new drive came from it.  My body is completely different from what I had brought to the stage back in June and I couldn't be happier!  If anything I know I'm bringing the best me I can possibly bring.  I can't do anymore than that.

In 4 days it'll also be the last weekend I have living here in New England.  Talk about emotional roller coaster!  My mom, brother and sister-in-law are coming to spend the weekend in Providence with me and I am so incredibly grateful!  They'll be coming to the show and yelling their faces off (or better be yelling their faces off!)  Also, a large group of my ladies from Get In Shape are going to be attending and seriously ladies you've made me the happiest girl ever!  I'm hoping we can get a group shot of us together so you can't forget me : ) 

In 1 week I will be heading to where my heart is.  I'm finally reuniting with my little family down in Tampa and creating a whole new life.  I can't wait to be with them!  We drove Max, Jake and Rocky down to our home at the end of August and I've only had the time to visit him once for 1 day while we've been apart.  It is going to be amazing!!!  I've missed them so much!  But the packing is a little difficult.  It's not like I can drive back and get anything I forget LOL!  And diet brain again destroys lots of my momentum. 

So, by everything I do mean everything.  LOL!  This whole week/weekend is going to be mind blowing.  I'm going to meeting some of you ladies for the first time even though we know each other on facebook.  I'm going to be with some of my old friends that I have known for years and from other aspects of my crazy little life.  I'm going to be surrounded by so much love from friends and family that are coming to show support.  I'm going to enjoy every single second of all this.  Embrace each and every emotion.  Take loads of photos, so ladies/gents get ready!  Take it all in and be grateful for this amazing life I have created and love each and every person that has changed my life for the better. 

Love you all and see you Saturday!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey fellow foodies!!

Send me an email and I'll get all the info to you for my Nutrition Notebook!  Full of vegan, vegetarian and canivor recipes, food journal, tips and more. 

wrestlingroxx@gmail.com - orders only please : )

Hardcopies only- $25.00 + shipping and handling

Unfortunately, the bonus features can not be ebooks : ( 

Thanks for the support!

-Nikki :)