Enjoy the world of Roxx....

TMI (Too Much Info)

I started out as a professional wrestler at Killer Kowalski's Professional Wrestling School when it was located in Malden, MA back in 2001.  I didn't grow up with the aspiration of becoming a pro wrestler at all.  I was actually working as an bookkeeper and hoping to become an accountant in the following years.  I had found out about Kowalski's school from a friend and went to class faithfully as moral support only.  Then one day this gorgeous red head took me under her wing and my life changed!  April Hunter started to show me around the gym and then suggested I try getting in the ring.  From there I pushed and pushed to make my dreams come true.  Traveling from Mexico, where I lived for 2 years, to Japan, Australia, England, Canada and majority of the US.  I eventually got the amazing opportunity to wrestle for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, now known as Impact.  I've had my up and downs there but over all it was a dream come true. 

Through those years of traveling and rassalin' I developed another love for the stage but in a completely different direction.  I fell in love with competing.  I love pushing myself to levels I didn't think I could ever bring myself and seeing a new side of myself.  I competed in my first show in 2007 in the Figure division.  While traveling it became too difficult for me to balance both and I made a choice.  Luckily I got smart enough to come back!  LOL!

This past year I've decided to say goodbye to the ring for good and hello to the world of weights and muscles.  My dedication is to my clients, friends and family.  This amazing life of mine is full of excitement and dreams come true.  Follow it all here and comment, ask and support if you'd like.  If not you still read this!  Haha!!!