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Thursday, September 15, 2011

If you're going to Shimmer tapings Oct 1st and 2nd pre order your cookbooks and have them hand-delievered to you :)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorry for the cliff hanger!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the cliff hanger! Life gets in the way sometimes and for me it sure did. I've decided to move from my lovely home here in Manchester, NH to Framingham, MA. While making this decision I've also been training for another competition that will be in 2 weeks from today. So, I'll compete on the 25th, move out by the following Wednesday, fly out to Chicago for Shimmer weekend on the 1st, come home and attend a fairytale wedding the following weekend for Ariel and BMT. That's not busy at all! LOL! I have also received an opportunity for a new job that will start November 1st and what a great opportunity! I love the woman I'll be working for and can't wait to get started : )

So with all that being said, back to my story. The following morning I totally woke up with a hand print on my side. LOL! It looked like the Blair Witch kids came and got me! Poor Max had to re-tan the area like 5 times since most of us competitors go a little crazy before prelims. And by a little I mean waking up at 4 am if you even slept some the night before in straight panic to get everything absolutely perfect.

After I was all touched up I headed over to the hotel where the competition was to have my make up done by PBO. They did a wonderful job but now it all hurry up and wait until it was our turn to hit the stage. Lucky for me I had Kristen with me to keep me sane during all the waiting. First up is sportswear for the bikini division. This is perfect! You get to have the most fun in a costume and by the time you need to head back out to do your figure poses the stage fright is gone! I picked the Terminator and had an awesome fake shot gun. You see everything from a ninja with real swords to a cheerleader.

So we are all lined up and there is 44 girls in the tall division alone. 44! As I'm about to go out on stage I think of all the girls that have walked this stage before me. My own coach, Janelle Nicolo, Lori Harder, Annette Perry and so many other girls that are role models to me. I loved every minute of it! I heard my teammates and coaches yelling and the rush is amazing! The sad thing is it only lasts about a minute total. LOL! Luckily I was competing in another division and had 3 more opportunities to work that stage. In the end I placed 25 out of 44 girls at a national show. I'm pumped! It gave me something to work towards and didn't completely crush me.

Currently I'm working towards a show that will be at Regis College in Weston, MA on Sept 25th. If you have any interest in this new life of mine come on out and see the show. Some many men and women work their butts off and you can see it that day. Sometimes it's people's first show, some it's their 100th. I would love to hear the cheers that I miss from wrestling and you can see my new sportswear. It's gonna be amazing!

-Nikki : )

Friday, June 24, 2011

How Amazing!!!!

Hi Everybody! (In my head I have the Simpson's Hi Dr. Nick response for you guys lol)

Last weekend I competed in the biggest fitness competition I have ever been a part of. It was absolutely amazing! I competed at Fitness Universe. It is a national show with international competitors. It was such an experience!

It all started for me Wednesday, June 15th. I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale and meet up with my amazing coach and friend Janelle Nicolo. She was nice enough to let me be her roomie for the night since I had a lovely change of plans courtesy of a certain wrestling company I choose not to name. But apparently the universe just had different plans for me and I was so happy to spend time with Janelle.

Thursday morning we had registration which I for whatever reason blanked out and almost overslept. It's the most important part of the entire weekend and yea I flaked on it. It was actually a tweet from Lori Harder that was the dope slap I needed lol. Thank goodness I decided to follow her. I scrambled and got down to registration as fast as I could and saw the lovely face of amazing friend Diana, who just turned 50 and has the hottest body ever, and the also lovely Beth. We chatted for a few and then I headed to the end of the long, long, long, did I say long? Long line for registration. There I bumped into Kristen. Kristen was in my division at Mohegan and place overall at the Mohegan show. She is absolutely stunning! She was there with her super supportive hubby Mike and we all hit it off. Lucky for Kristen, I became glued to her hip! ;) (of course this is sarcasm)

After registration I had the honor of booking a photo shoot with John Atherton who is known as Coach A. This photo shoot was amazing! I absolutely loved the whole experience and his wife Terri is so lovely to be around! Just wait till you see the photos! 2 words... AH-MAZING!

Finally after the shoot Max landed in Miami and got his butt over to the hotel and met up with Kristen, Mike and myself. Now it was game on! Bikini sportswear was at 8 am Friday morning and I needed to get painted! LOL. Lucky Max who gets to stay up the whole night with me and make be part umpa lumpa. I also had a 8 am make up appointment PerfectBodyOnline.com . These ladies are amazing! Deb you are the best and keep everything totally organized. Lindsay you are the best sunshine first thing in the morning! Heart you!!!! The make up artist, hair stylist and professional tanning are just perfection.

So after about 5 layers of pro tan I finally get to sleep or attempt to lol. Do I wake up with random hand prints in the morning from sleeping? Do I destroy the hotel bed sheets and pillow cases? Do I actually get dark enough with this much freakin paint on me???


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Purchase Nikki's Nutrition Notebook!!!!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

2 wks unitl Universe and a Cookbook!

Hey everyone!

2 weeks from today I will be at the Finals of the Fitness Universe show in Miami, FL!  I'm so pumped!!!!  Thurs the 16th I'll be doing a photo shoot with J W Atherton.  It's the first time I'll be meeting and shooting with him.  I really can't wait!  I've seen his work and it's amazing.  I have some new outfits and I'm ready to go! 

The same day there will a huge Savage Team photo with all of the girls competing at the show and all our coaches.  I am so happy to be a part of this show and the team.  Each year the Savage Team has some really big shows.  Miami and Vegas being 2 of the biggest.  After being with the Team for about 4 years, on and off, I'm finally going to be a part of one of the big shows.  I never thought it would happen!  I'm also so happy to say Maximus will be joining me because I would lose my mind without him!  LOL!  We will be in that area from Wed the 15th thru the 20th.  A day and 1/2 of relaxing down in sunshine : )

The 17th will be prelims and the 18th will be Finals.  I'm soooooooo excited for this amazing weekend!  I'll be competing again in Bikini Tall and Figure Tall divisions.  You can watch via webcast at www.fitnessuniverse.com.  Watch and cheer me on!  I'll be tweeting most of the day and you can chat along (RoxxiNikki).

I'm also happy to say I have completed a cookbook!  Nikki Nutritious Notebook.  It's a mix of vegetarian and meat recipes.  These recipes are some of my favorite meals and I'm sharing!  : )  I'll have both ebooks and hard copies.  Ebooks will be $15 but if you pre order you'll receive it for only $12.50!  Hard copies will be $25 and pre orders will be $22.50!  A signed copy will be $30.  You can send an email to wrestlingroxx@yahoo.com and we'll get your order in!  I'm so excited and I know you guys will love the recipes! 

Ok, I'm off to relax and bit and do some work from home.  Wish me luck guys!  And thanks for keeping up : )

Health, Hugs and Headlocks!!!!
-Nikki :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 1/2 weeks

Hey everyone!

Firstly I hope you enjoy the new page : )  I'm going to do a Tip of the Week and hopefully get some video up on that too.  I would love some feedback or comments.

So, as the title here says 3 1/2 weeks.  I have 3 1/2 weeks until my next competition in Miami.  It is Fitness America's Universe show which will be in Miami, FL.  It's is going to be amazing!  I'm so excited!  At the last competition I did I placed 5th in the Figure Tall division.  It was my first time in about 2 years competing in that division.  How exciting!  I can't wait to see what this show will bring.   I think the hardest part of this next show is the down time in between shows.  Any time prior, if I was doing mulitiple shows, I would have them 2 weeks a part tops.  This is like a whole new experience.  I got this tho!  LOL. 

If you are in the New Hampshire area and wanna get a great workout and for a good cause stop by the Workout Club in Manchester, NH on June 4th. 

Sorry this is so short but I gotta get my food prep going for tomorrow and get some sleep.  Will have another blog up soon! 

-Nikki : )

Sunday, April 24, 2011

6 freak'n days!!!!

Sorry I did post earlier but I've been pretty focused. I can't believe it's 6 days until my competition! I'm so pumped, nervous, excited and ready all at the same time! This week is the crazy week to get everything together. I need to get my painting/tanning going, nails, hair and last minute things done and together. Hoping I can figure out how to make nice waves in my hair instead of curls. Goodness it's difficult! I've almost shaved it off again lol. I know I'll work something out with though. Just need some practice lol. I can do amazing curls though!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Easter weekend! It's so gorgeous out. I love Spring! Last night was the celebration with the fam and it was difficult! Desserts and loads of food I can't have. But this is my choice and I fought through the temptation. I ate the food out of my Tupperware containers and braved the inquiries of why I don't eat what everyone else it. Answering the questions actually helped keep me on track and I'm so glad and grateful everyone was so understanding and supportive. I'm a lucky girl!

This past week I received all my suits for the competition and I'm so relieved lol. I needed to have my pink figure suit altered and it was blinged out. My sportswear was blinged just a bit more and my bikini suit is just amazing! Practicing yesterday with my Manchester Mamas helped sooo much! LeeAnne gave us a kick booty workout. Literally! And all the extra help with posing from Tracy and the other girls rocked. Love you ladies!

I realized yesterday that no matter how I place I have had the opportunity on this journey to meet the most amazing ladies ever. I'm so lucky and grateful to have all these women in my life and the friendships I've made are worth more than anything. I learn more and more each show I compete in. Also my coach, Janelle Nicolo, knows what she's doing and has me looking even better than last year! Love this woman! LOL!

Well, this week is it. Send some positive thoughts my way for Saturday the 30th. You can watch live on ESPN 3 or online, which will be streaming live, here at http://www.musclemania.com/ .

Thanks everyone for keeping up! Lots of Love!

Today's cardio split--

30 mins- sprints

30 mins- walking uphill, side run uphill (both sides) and finish out running.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 1/2 weeks!

Hi everyone!

I'm now 17 days away from show time! I am so pumped and can't wait! It's getting a little tougher but it's so worth it. I've been lucky enough to have not felt the effects of depleting until this week. It's been amazing! My coach, Janelle Nicolo, is amazing and totally knows exactly what she's doing. I still of course have little panics that I won't be ready but then I just remember to keep the faith and know that she has everything under control. The Cathy Savage Fitness plan is amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone interested in competing. I normally get my friends hooked on it lol!

I had promised a photo in my sportswear outfit but unfortunately it's being blinged a little more so it's postponed. Sorry! I did however get to go over my sportswear walk, bikini walk and got my figure posing down as well I think I can. Practicing everyday and getting strange looks at the gym when I bust out a front pose in between sets. LOL!

This past weekend I had the honor of traveling down to Connecticut with 2 amazing chicks! LeeAnne and Nicole were totally my support system this weekend. I really needed to stick to my nutrition and workout plans and these 2 ladies made sure it happened! We headed down to Stamford on Friday night and hit up Lindsay Messina's Diva Workshop on Saturday morning. What a great time! I got to meet lots of new Savage Girls and reconnect with some I already knew. Loved it! Some of the ladies are competing this weekend and I know those ladies are gonna rock it! Good luck girls!

Sunday we had a great workout at the hotel and then headed home. We were looking for someplace to get lunch but ended up on a bit of an adventure. LOL! Eventually we found a great little diner that had veggie burgers! Yay!

So this week I'm hoping my Passion Fruit Design bikini comes in. I'm so excited to see it! And wear it! And show it off : ) It's going to look amazing! I did however find that I got a package from the kick a@# company MetroMint water. It was samples of their amazing water, a bag and 2 shirts. Awesome! I'm totally a pusher for these guys and you should totally try some of their water.

Who's looking forward to this weekend? This girl is! I'll be hanging out with LeeAnne and her hubby John. We're going to be seeing Larry the Cable guy after some dinner on Saturday night. Also posing and workouts with my Manch Sunday Session ladies. And...... I'll be sending out gift packs to my homies who were nice enough to purchase gifts off my wishlist. Speaking of wishlist guess who's birthday is next week????? ME! Tuesday is my birthday but I won't be celebrating until April 30th after my competition.

If anyone is interested in seeing my competition it'll be streaming live online and on ESPN 3. The show will be at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut if anyone would like to come. I love the support. : )

Ok, that's it for me. Blog ya next week! Hugs!

Fitness Tip---- When on the stairmill at the gym try taking wider steps for 5 min intervals. So wide you almost hit the sides of the machine. It feels awkward at first but totally works different muscles.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 and 1/2 weeks!!!

Hey world!

So I'm about 3 1/2 weeks away from competition and I'm pumped! I received my sportswear outfit 2 days ago and practiced some posing in it. I love it! I was going to put up a pic in it but if I'm going to keep going in order everyone has to wait until next week. LOL. Sorry! I am adding a couple more stones to it this week. I'm soooo excited! And I have my sportswear walk all worked out. My theme is the Terminator! Yes I love Arnold and I'm totally hooked on those movies. LOL! I even have a toy gun I get to bring out onstage!

This past week I got my new workouts for the month from Cathy Savage Fitness. They are awesome! I absolutely love them! My goodness! They are killing me and I'm making sure to leave it all in the gym. I almost have to crawl out of there lol.

Last Sunday was my first Sunday back at Session in 2 weeks. It felt amazing! It's the best way to start the week. Getting my butt handed to me by Coach Lauren, the support of my Savage Sisters and the chance to prance around in Cinderella shoes and a sparkly bikini. Who could ask for anything more????!!!!! These ladies are totally my motivation and I'm the luckiest girl ever to have their support. It's what gets me through those days when I just wanna half-ass it. Love you ladies!

This weekend I'm headed to CT/NY with my girls LeeAnne and Nicole. I can not wait! We are going to be hitting up Diva Workshop with some of our Savage Sisters and getting our sweat on. Last time Lindsay Messina trained us at Camp Savage I had trouble walking for like 2 days! This should be amazing and I'm not gonna lie I might be a little scared. LOL. Can't wait to see you girls!

Well, time for me to enjoy the rest of my day. Lucky me I already finished my cardio and workout. This week we'll end it with a recipe for you guys. Lots of people ask me about cooking with tofu so here's one of my favorite breakfast items. : )


Tofu Scramble

5.6 oz tofu

1/2 c chopped broccoli

1/4 c chopped onions

1/4 c chopped mushrooms

1/4 c chopped peppers

1/4 c chopped celery

1/2 TBSN coconut oil

Curry Powder

Chilli Powder

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

I usually warm up my skillet and add the 1/2 TBSN coconut oil and add everything in. I cook it for about 15 mins and then add all my spices and cook for about another 5 mins. I love it!

For my starches with this usually I go with old fashion oats, 1/4 c strawberries and 1/2 TBSN coconut oil.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exactly 1 month!

Hey Ladies and Gents!

I am sooooo excited! I am exactly 1 month away from competition! 1 month! It's is soooo on! I'm ready to kill it in the gym and tracking my foods and waiting for my suits! I have my sportswear suit, which is a terminator theme, being created by Leigha Hervey. She has sent photos and it is looking amazing!!!! So pumped! This is a little bit of a challenge division for me. The sassy/bubbly walk is a little difficult for this wrestler lol. But, I'll be working on that and can't wait! Looking this weekend for props to use.

My new bikini for the bikini division is being made my Passion Fruits Design and I also received a photo of that. Gorgeous! I can't wait for these suits to come in. It just validates things a bit more.

This past weekend was my last weekend traveling for wrestling. I was in Chicago for Shimmer and it was amazing! I had so much fun seeing all my girls and the fans. I was so lucky to be teamed up all weekend as Pretty Bitchin with Ariel. She is my savior! I'm so close to show and I get tired quickly. 2 matches in one night was a tough one but she helped me thru it! Love you girl!

I was also lucky enough to room with Mercedes Martinez and Ariel who weren't too put off with my cooler we had a scavenger hunt for. LOL! I had literally packed all my meals for 3 days. My luggage was 15 lbs lighter on the way home. LOL! I was determined not to slip up. I refuse to get onstage and think I could've worked harder or maybe shouldn't have eaten something. Luckily my girls had my back and I love them for it!

Now that I'm done traveling I get to head back to Sunday Session with my ladies. I can't wait to get my sweat on next to my ladies here in Manch. They are what pull me thru these hard times when I don't think I have anymore to give. They are remarkable women and I can't wait to grace the stage with them. I know we're all gonna own it! So for the next couple weeks I'm leaving it all in the gym. I'm hoping to crawl out of there and will be recruiting lots of people to help with my cardio! LOL. Speaking of which thank you Anna for kicking some serious butt today! You were amazing!

So, now it time for food prep, my last meal of the night and bed early to work it tomorrow in the gym. Here's what Anna and I did for cardio today.

Start on stairmill with a 5 min warm up. I used level 5.

The next 5 mins I jumped up to level 8.

I got off the stairmill and.....

5 rockers

5 fast feet drops

5 groiners

5 shoulder taps

5 starters

Got back on the stairmill for 10 mins at level 8.

Repeated this 4 times.

Have a great night everyone! Until next week!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 wks!!!!

Hey everyone!

Now I'm 6 weeks away from my competition at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. I'm soooo excited! As promised I'm going to keep you guys updated each week. I've been working super hard in the gym and making sure my nutrition is right on. This past weekend was a little difficult because I was traveling. I was in Albuquerque, NM for an amazing wrestling company Lucha Libre USA. I absolutely loved it! But.....there wasn't a grocery store or convenience store for miles. I absolutely panicked. Luckily I did bring some of my proteins with me and the restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel worked with my "special request" amazingly. I was super lucky! I also had access to the gym located in the hotel so I could get all my workouts and cardio in.

Also this weekend I received an email from my suit designer, Passion Fruit Designs, and my suit is being made as we speak! It's going to be absolutely gorgeous! I'm pumped!!!! Soon you guys will see pics for my check in done in that suit.

This weekend I'll be heading to Shimmer in Chicago. I'm so excited to see all my girls and the fans! I'm totally going to prepare for this weekend. I'll have all my food packed and I'm going to purchase a mini cooler at a convenience store there and ice it up! Unfortunately the hotel we're staying at doesn't have a fridge in the room : ( I'll also be getting in my cardio for sure! Can't wait to see everyone there! Time for this little lady to get some rest. Gotta get up for cardio, clients, Biceps and Triceps.

Hugs! And thanks for keeping up with me : )

What I ate today......

5.6 oz tofu

1/2 cup asparagus

1/4 cup sweet potato

1 TBSN walnut oil

1/4 cup blueberries

1 scoop Jay Robb's egg white protein powder

1/4 cup oats

1/4 cup strawberries

1/2 cup green beans

2 sausage patties

2 whole wheat protein pancakes

1 small apple

1 cup Brussel sprouts

1 cup of Gardin's Beefless tips

1 cup broccoli

9 Quorn "Meatballs"

1/2 cup Eggplants, mushrooms, onions and peppers

2 Quorn "Chik'n Breast"

1 cup of brussel sprouts

2 cups Quorn "Chik'n tenders"

1 cup kale, mushrooms, peppers and onions

2 TBSN Almond Butter


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 wks!

Hey everyone!!!!

Sooooo, in 7 weeks I will be competing in Connecticut for Fitness America Pageant. It will be at Mohegan Sun Casino on April 30th. If you are in the area you should for sure come and cheer us all on. I've been lucky enough to have a few fan come see the comps live or watch via web. It really means so much to have you guy's support :)

So now we're getting close to crunch time. The last 2 seasons I competed I only competed in the Bikini Division. This show I'll be competing in Figure and Bikini. I'm pumped! That means way more stage time! LOL. And from all my other career I'm sure you can tell I'll be loving that! LOL.

Last season I was lucky enough to meet lots of amazing ladies that totally helped me push through the days when I just wasn't feeling it and lift me up when it was too tough. Now there's even more! I love being a part of the Cathy Savage Fitness Team. It's the greatest thing to happen to me. I love all my Savage Sisters and knowing they're going thru to same stuff helps so much! Love you ladies and let's rock this show!!!

So I'm going to try and keep everyone updated throughout this 7 week journey with pics, blogs and updates on what I'm eating. (barring I can learn how to upload a photo for you guys to see lol) So, for this morning so far I've had breakfast which was, 2 MorningStar breakfast sausage patties, brown rice, broccoli, 1 tsp coconut oil and apple. I'll heading to the gym in about a half hour to get my functional workout in and later on will be legs.

And speaking of legs mine are toast! For the entire week! They are so sore! I started running on an incline for 30 mins. Last week was the first time I had run since breaking my ankle in my TNA match. It was very freeing lol.

Here is one of my photos from last week's check in with my coach Janelle Nicolo. (She is amazing!) And don't laugh at the fact I'm wearing socks lol.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fitness Question of the Week.....

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit. Just been a little crazy (no big surprise there lol). I had posted recently on Facebook and Twitter asking for you guys to send me some fitness questions and I would answer them here on my blog. I got a lot of great questions and I pick the one I did mostly because it's a question I'm asked a lot. So, thanks James for the great question!

Q: How much time on average, do you dedicate to cardio per day?

In my opinion this can usually vary according to the person. If you aren't normally an active person and have decided that you are ready to get up and start a training regiment then you would want to start slow. Even if you are just able to get on a treadmill or any cardio equipment for 15 minutes is a great start!

If you are a gym-goer and already have a training regiment I wouldn't really go past 30-45 minutes. Unless you are working on endurance for a marathon or tri-athon there isn't really a reason for an hour of cardio per day. There is so much more to do out there in the world! And if you're on cardio equipment that long why not try going for a hike or snow shoeing if you live in the tundra like me lol! It's so much more fun then starting blankly at a TV screen or other gym-goers. lol.

I hope this helps everyone and you James : )

Please keep the questions coming!
-Nikki: )