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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorry for the cliff hanger!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the cliff hanger! Life gets in the way sometimes and for me it sure did. I've decided to move from my lovely home here in Manchester, NH to Framingham, MA. While making this decision I've also been training for another competition that will be in 2 weeks from today. So, I'll compete on the 25th, move out by the following Wednesday, fly out to Chicago for Shimmer weekend on the 1st, come home and attend a fairytale wedding the following weekend for Ariel and BMT. That's not busy at all! LOL! I have also received an opportunity for a new job that will start November 1st and what a great opportunity! I love the woman I'll be working for and can't wait to get started : )

So with all that being said, back to my story. The following morning I totally woke up with a hand print on my side. LOL! It looked like the Blair Witch kids came and got me! Poor Max had to re-tan the area like 5 times since most of us competitors go a little crazy before prelims. And by a little I mean waking up at 4 am if you even slept some the night before in straight panic to get everything absolutely perfect.

After I was all touched up I headed over to the hotel where the competition was to have my make up done by PBO. They did a wonderful job but now it all hurry up and wait until it was our turn to hit the stage. Lucky for me I had Kristen with me to keep me sane during all the waiting. First up is sportswear for the bikini division. This is perfect! You get to have the most fun in a costume and by the time you need to head back out to do your figure poses the stage fright is gone! I picked the Terminator and had an awesome fake shot gun. You see everything from a ninja with real swords to a cheerleader.

So we are all lined up and there is 44 girls in the tall division alone. 44! As I'm about to go out on stage I think of all the girls that have walked this stage before me. My own coach, Janelle Nicolo, Lori Harder, Annette Perry and so many other girls that are role models to me. I loved every minute of it! I heard my teammates and coaches yelling and the rush is amazing! The sad thing is it only lasts about a minute total. LOL! Luckily I was competing in another division and had 3 more opportunities to work that stage. In the end I placed 25 out of 44 girls at a national show. I'm pumped! It gave me something to work towards and didn't completely crush me.

Currently I'm working towards a show that will be at Regis College in Weston, MA on Sept 25th. If you have any interest in this new life of mine come on out and see the show. Some many men and women work their butts off and you can see it that day. Sometimes it's people's first show, some it's their 100th. I would love to hear the cheers that I miss from wrestling and you can see my new sportswear. It's gonna be amazing!

-Nikki : )


  1. Wish i could be there. Kick Butt, Nikki! Good luck with the move and the new gig.

  2. You are going to do great! You are amazing! Best of luck with the move - so sad to see you go, and just happy to know you are excited about your next chapter!

  3. Thanks Scott! You're always great at coming to the shows. Totally appreciated!

    Sue: Thank you! Don't worry I'll still stalk I mean visit you ; )

  4. good luck with everything!! what's your new gig?

  5. Thanks Anna! It's working an all women's gym as the full time trainer. It's going to be amazing!