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Friday, June 24, 2011

How Amazing!!!!

Hi Everybody! (In my head I have the Simpson's Hi Dr. Nick response for you guys lol)

Last weekend I competed in the biggest fitness competition I have ever been a part of. It was absolutely amazing! I competed at Fitness Universe. It is a national show with international competitors. It was such an experience!

It all started for me Wednesday, June 15th. I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale and meet up with my amazing coach and friend Janelle Nicolo. She was nice enough to let me be her roomie for the night since I had a lovely change of plans courtesy of a certain wrestling company I choose not to name. But apparently the universe just had different plans for me and I was so happy to spend time with Janelle.

Thursday morning we had registration which I for whatever reason blanked out and almost overslept. It's the most important part of the entire weekend and yea I flaked on it. It was actually a tweet from Lori Harder that was the dope slap I needed lol. Thank goodness I decided to follow her. I scrambled and got down to registration as fast as I could and saw the lovely face of amazing friend Diana, who just turned 50 and has the hottest body ever, and the also lovely Beth. We chatted for a few and then I headed to the end of the long, long, long, did I say long? Long line for registration. There I bumped into Kristen. Kristen was in my division at Mohegan and place overall at the Mohegan show. She is absolutely stunning! She was there with her super supportive hubby Mike and we all hit it off. Lucky for Kristen, I became glued to her hip! ;) (of course this is sarcasm)

After registration I had the honor of booking a photo shoot with John Atherton who is known as Coach A. This photo shoot was amazing! I absolutely loved the whole experience and his wife Terri is so lovely to be around! Just wait till you see the photos! 2 words... AH-MAZING!

Finally after the shoot Max landed in Miami and got his butt over to the hotel and met up with Kristen, Mike and myself. Now it was game on! Bikini sportswear was at 8 am Friday morning and I needed to get painted! LOL. Lucky Max who gets to stay up the whole night with me and make be part umpa lumpa. I also had a 8 am make up appointment PerfectBodyOnline.com . These ladies are amazing! Deb you are the best and keep everything totally organized. Lindsay you are the best sunshine first thing in the morning! Heart you!!!! The make up artist, hair stylist and professional tanning are just perfection.

So after about 5 layers of pro tan I finally get to sleep or attempt to lol. Do I wake up with random hand prints in the morning from sleeping? Do I destroy the hotel bed sheets and pillow cases? Do I actually get dark enough with this much freakin paint on me???


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  1. ok....seriously aching for the second part of this blog. I purposely didn't ask at WSU so i could read it here. :)