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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mix-It-Up Mondays

Helllloooo World!!!

So, last month most of you guys attempted Meatless Mondays and there was lots of upset carnivores but you made it thru!  I'm so grateful for the support from you guys!  There were wrestlers, fans, friends and family that participated and seriously you all made an impact.  I hope lots of you will choose to keep incorporating the Meatless Monday to help the animals, the earth and your own little universe.

Now, on to this month.  I'm hoping to get Mix-It-Up Mondays going.  I'm challenging you to detox from sugar for the day.  The only sugars allowed are all natural (i.e. fruits, honey or agave).  For some of you this will be more difficult than it sounds.  This takes away processed foods, refined sugar and lots of juices unless they are homemade.  You'd be surprised how dependent some of us are on sugar and after the weekends (which is when everyone has the most fun) your body will welcome the break.

Refined sugar can be sneaky.  Lots of people are unsure of what it actually is.  It's actually made from sucrose which is extracted from raw sugar cane or sugar beets.  It's also known as granulated white sugar, brown sugar, fructose, sucrose, dextrose, malt syrup, and high fructose corn syrup.  On an average most Americans consume about 355 calories from sugar each day!  It's usually recommended that the average person only consume half of that if a male and a little less than half for females. 

With this over consumption of sugar we're looking at health issues ranging from obesity, tooth decay, hypoglycemia, diabetes and vitamin and mineral depletion.  With that being said, let's make a change!  Let's embrace a sugar detox once a week.  And if you're feeling frisky let's have both Meatless Monday and Mix-It-Up Monday! 

Thanks for the support and can't wait to hear how well everyone does!