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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Come on 2011!!!!

I'm so excited for this new year to get started! We have plans to head into Boston for First Night and I'm pumped! I live outside of Boston majority of my life and have never been. I know it's crazy! I love all people and there's a parade and stuff. Yay! Aside from getting excited to go out and celebrate the beginning of a new year I'm also excited to get my training back into competition mode. Sounds crazy but you actually miss the drive when it's over. LOL.

For tonight though I've been sitting here on my sofa since I finished work and reflected on 2010. I've had such an amazing and productive year. I was able to start a whole new career, found a whole new drive for my fitness competitions, made amazing new friends, old friendships became even more important to me and a new edition to my little family with little Jakers.

My new career as a personal trainer has gone better than expect! It's so rewarding to help people achieve goals and feel better about themselves. I love all my clients and they have done so amazing since we started working towards their goals together. JoAnn we got you to hop! And Kim 75 lbs lighter and still counting! Eric we've gotten you to stick to a workout plan and nutrition plan! My NH Roller Derby girls you've done so amazing getting motivated in your off-season and I can't wait to come and support you at your bouts!

2010's competitions were the best for me! Even though I didn't place top 5 I looked the best I have in all my competitions. I also had an amazing photo shoot in NYC with Jorge, Lindsay and my Savage Sisters. I took all that drive I had used in wrestling to make my, at that time, dream come true and achieved my fitness goals. With the help of my incredible coach, Janelle, I stepped on stage with a whole new confidence and body. Love you Janelle and I can't thank you enough for everything.

Through these competitions I have made some lovely and amazing new friendships. I met such driven and motivating ladies that made the perfect support system for us all. LeeAnn, Lauren, Janelle and Mickey you ladies are awesome and I love you all! Tracy, you are what helped me through this competition and made my push myself when I thought I had nothing left. You're so inspirational to me! Amy, thank you for everything this year! You help me so much more than you think and I'm forever thankful. I wouldn't be close to this sane if it wasn't for you. And my Maximus, you are my rock and keep me grounded when I'm out of control. I wouldn't have done any of things I have this year or made it through most of what I went through this year without you. Love you!

Ok enough sappy blogging. I hope everyone has an amazing and safe New Year's! And don't forget your resolutions! I would love to hear them if anyone would like to share : )

-Nikki :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays and Australia recap!

Hey everyone!

I'm hoping everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I know how hard it is to stay on track during the holidays. I was aboard in Australia for a week and then came back just in time for Thanksgiving. I did my best while over there to eat as decently as I could but it's always difficult when you're some where amazing and it's your first time there. You want to indulge in all the new things and enjoy it all! I did pretty good for the first couple days. And I had a kick butt workout buddy. Skater you're the best! It was also helpful I got kinda sick so I hibernated for an entire day with Mercedes Martinez LOL! We had such an amazing time in Perth and absolutely loved it there! Everyone was so good to us and we even went to the zoo! The only bad part was the jet lag. Wow! It was brutal! Took me a week to get back on track.

The reason I had headed to Perth was to see a very close friend have is last match. Mana is such an amazing person and I've known him for so long. I'm incredibly thankful I was able to be a part of such an amazing night. Unfortunately, I had a slight problem with my face leaking and everyone thought I was crying. How silly! ;) (Nick you know I love you and I'm gonna burn that damn video!)

And now that Thanksgiving is over I'm looking forward to Christmas. My goal this year is to make sure to indulge a little but mostly keep on track. Lots of water and baking some healthy desserts and side dishes. I'm also hoping to pick up some Tofurky. : ) How are you going to keep on track? Leave some comments to motivate others and give us some ideas!

-Nikki :)