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Saturday, June 4, 2011

2 wks unitl Universe and a Cookbook!

Hey everyone!

2 weeks from today I will be at the Finals of the Fitness Universe show in Miami, FL!  I'm so pumped!!!!  Thurs the 16th I'll be doing a photo shoot with J W Atherton.  It's the first time I'll be meeting and shooting with him.  I really can't wait!  I've seen his work and it's amazing.  I have some new outfits and I'm ready to go! 

The same day there will a huge Savage Team photo with all of the girls competing at the show and all our coaches.  I am so happy to be a part of this show and the team.  Each year the Savage Team has some really big shows.  Miami and Vegas being 2 of the biggest.  After being with the Team for about 4 years, on and off, I'm finally going to be a part of one of the big shows.  I never thought it would happen!  I'm also so happy to say Maximus will be joining me because I would lose my mind without him!  LOL!  We will be in that area from Wed the 15th thru the 20th.  A day and 1/2 of relaxing down in sunshine : )

The 17th will be prelims and the 18th will be Finals.  I'm soooooooo excited for this amazing weekend!  I'll be competing again in Bikini Tall and Figure Tall divisions.  You can watch via webcast at www.fitnessuniverse.com.  Watch and cheer me on!  I'll be tweeting most of the day and you can chat along (RoxxiNikki).

I'm also happy to say I have completed a cookbook!  Nikki Nutritious Notebook.  It's a mix of vegetarian and meat recipes.  These recipes are some of my favorite meals and I'm sharing!  : )  I'll have both ebooks and hard copies.  Ebooks will be $15 but if you pre order you'll receive it for only $12.50!  Hard copies will be $25 and pre orders will be $22.50!  A signed copy will be $30.  You can send an email to wrestlingroxx@yahoo.com and we'll get your order in!  I'm so excited and I know you guys will love the recipes! 

Ok, I'm off to relax and bit and do some work from home.  Wish me luck guys!  And thanks for keeping up : )

Health, Hugs and Headlocks!!!!
-Nikki :)

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  1. Thats awesome hun! as always i wish you the best of luck. i know your gonna dominate the competition. as for your new CookBook Congrats on that. if i see a copy of it in the store i will buy it! i hope you have a wonderful time. remember work smart not hard and always believe in yourself. i have no doubt in my mind that you would make it as far as you have! lots of love and positive vibes to you! God Bless :) Xoxo (All Hail the Voodoo Queen) VooDoo Drop the Competition! i know you can do it! :) best wishes champ!

    RobKovach999 (from twitter)