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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exactly 1 month!

Hey Ladies and Gents!

I am sooooo excited! I am exactly 1 month away from competition! 1 month! It's is soooo on! I'm ready to kill it in the gym and tracking my foods and waiting for my suits! I have my sportswear suit, which is a terminator theme, being created by Leigha Hervey. She has sent photos and it is looking amazing!!!! So pumped! This is a little bit of a challenge division for me. The sassy/bubbly walk is a little difficult for this wrestler lol. But, I'll be working on that and can't wait! Looking this weekend for props to use.

My new bikini for the bikini division is being made my Passion Fruits Design and I also received a photo of that. Gorgeous! I can't wait for these suits to come in. It just validates things a bit more.

This past weekend was my last weekend traveling for wrestling. I was in Chicago for Shimmer and it was amazing! I had so much fun seeing all my girls and the fans. I was so lucky to be teamed up all weekend as Pretty Bitchin with Ariel. She is my savior! I'm so close to show and I get tired quickly. 2 matches in one night was a tough one but she helped me thru it! Love you girl!

I was also lucky enough to room with Mercedes Martinez and Ariel who weren't too put off with my cooler we had a scavenger hunt for. LOL! I had literally packed all my meals for 3 days. My luggage was 15 lbs lighter on the way home. LOL! I was determined not to slip up. I refuse to get onstage and think I could've worked harder or maybe shouldn't have eaten something. Luckily my girls had my back and I love them for it!

Now that I'm done traveling I get to head back to Sunday Session with my ladies. I can't wait to get my sweat on next to my ladies here in Manch. They are what pull me thru these hard times when I don't think I have anymore to give. They are remarkable women and I can't wait to grace the stage with them. I know we're all gonna own it! So for the next couple weeks I'm leaving it all in the gym. I'm hoping to crawl out of there and will be recruiting lots of people to help with my cardio! LOL. Speaking of which thank you Anna for kicking some serious butt today! You were amazing!

So, now it time for food prep, my last meal of the night and bed early to work it tomorrow in the gym. Here's what Anna and I did for cardio today.

Start on stairmill with a 5 min warm up. I used level 5.

The next 5 mins I jumped up to level 8.

I got off the stairmill and.....

5 rockers

5 fast feet drops

5 groiners

5 shoulder taps

5 starters

Got back on the stairmill for 10 mins at level 8.

Repeated this 4 times.

Have a great night everyone! Until next week!



  1. hey Roxxi. so glad to see things are going great for you. Congrats on an awsome Shimmer Weekend. i wish i was there to see it. and the best of luck on your upcoming Competition. i know your going to kick ass!!! good luck in preparing for it and in your training too. lots of love and positive vibes to you************************************* always remember you can do anything you put your mind too and when things get tough just remember you are tougher. have a great evening ;-) Xoxo Mwah!

    @RobKovach999 (from twitter)

  2. you were on level 8?! wow! LOL you DID kill it!! I think I only made it up to 7 haha. And that YOU for making me drag my butt to the gym! I'm happy to help anytime :-)

  3. Thanks so much Rob! You're the best!

    Hahaha! Annna you were a life saver today! I soooo needed the company. You did amazing!

  4. You look GREAT!! Very nice body transformation!