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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 1/2 weeks!

Hi everyone!

I'm now 17 days away from show time! I am so pumped and can't wait! It's getting a little tougher but it's so worth it. I've been lucky enough to have not felt the effects of depleting until this week. It's been amazing! My coach, Janelle Nicolo, is amazing and totally knows exactly what she's doing. I still of course have little panics that I won't be ready but then I just remember to keep the faith and know that she has everything under control. The Cathy Savage Fitness plan is amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone interested in competing. I normally get my friends hooked on it lol!

I had promised a photo in my sportswear outfit but unfortunately it's being blinged a little more so it's postponed. Sorry! I did however get to go over my sportswear walk, bikini walk and got my figure posing down as well I think I can. Practicing everyday and getting strange looks at the gym when I bust out a front pose in between sets. LOL!

This past weekend I had the honor of traveling down to Connecticut with 2 amazing chicks! LeeAnne and Nicole were totally my support system this weekend. I really needed to stick to my nutrition and workout plans and these 2 ladies made sure it happened! We headed down to Stamford on Friday night and hit up Lindsay Messina's Diva Workshop on Saturday morning. What a great time! I got to meet lots of new Savage Girls and reconnect with some I already knew. Loved it! Some of the ladies are competing this weekend and I know those ladies are gonna rock it! Good luck girls!

Sunday we had a great workout at the hotel and then headed home. We were looking for someplace to get lunch but ended up on a bit of an adventure. LOL! Eventually we found a great little diner that had veggie burgers! Yay!

So this week I'm hoping my Passion Fruit Design bikini comes in. I'm so excited to see it! And wear it! And show it off : ) It's going to look amazing! I did however find that I got a package from the kick a@# company MetroMint water. It was samples of their amazing water, a bag and 2 shirts. Awesome! I'm totally a pusher for these guys and you should totally try some of their water.

Who's looking forward to this weekend? This girl is! I'll be hanging out with LeeAnne and her hubby John. We're going to be seeing Larry the Cable guy after some dinner on Saturday night. Also posing and workouts with my Manch Sunday Session ladies. And...... I'll be sending out gift packs to my homies who were nice enough to purchase gifts off my wishlist. Speaking of wishlist guess who's birthday is next week????? ME! Tuesday is my birthday but I won't be celebrating until April 30th after my competition.

If anyone is interested in seeing my competition it'll be streaming live online and on ESPN 3. The show will be at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut if anyone would like to come. I love the support. : )

Ok, that's it for me. Blog ya next week! Hugs!

Fitness Tip---- When on the stairmill at the gym try taking wider steps for 5 min intervals. So wide you almost hit the sides of the machine. It feels awkward at first but totally works different muscles.


  1. I should be able to be there. Looking Good, Nikki!!

  2. That's a pretty innovative tip. Thanks, Nikki!! ^__^

  3. You look amazing Nikki - Great networking on the metromint! You are such an inspiration! You just keep on, keeping on! Love reading your blogs , makes me tired! See you real soon!

  4. Oh yeah PS Got my tickets and hotel booked last night~

  5. Glad you liked the tip Nightmare Child!

    Thanks Jimmie and Ricardo!

    Sky I'm so glad you're coming to the show! Totally heart you! We'll get some yummy food after and celebrate you getting ready for a show : )

  6. Nikki, you'll be fine...continued success sweetie.