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Sunday, April 24, 2011

6 freak'n days!!!!

Sorry I did post earlier but I've been pretty focused. I can't believe it's 6 days until my competition! I'm so pumped, nervous, excited and ready all at the same time! This week is the crazy week to get everything together. I need to get my painting/tanning going, nails, hair and last minute things done and together. Hoping I can figure out how to make nice waves in my hair instead of curls. Goodness it's difficult! I've almost shaved it off again lol. I know I'll work something out with though. Just need some practice lol. I can do amazing curls though!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Easter weekend! It's so gorgeous out. I love Spring! Last night was the celebration with the fam and it was difficult! Desserts and loads of food I can't have. But this is my choice and I fought through the temptation. I ate the food out of my Tupperware containers and braved the inquiries of why I don't eat what everyone else it. Answering the questions actually helped keep me on track and I'm so glad and grateful everyone was so understanding and supportive. I'm a lucky girl!

This past week I received all my suits for the competition and I'm so relieved lol. I needed to have my pink figure suit altered and it was blinged out. My sportswear was blinged just a bit more and my bikini suit is just amazing! Practicing yesterday with my Manchester Mamas helped sooo much! LeeAnne gave us a kick booty workout. Literally! And all the extra help with posing from Tracy and the other girls rocked. Love you ladies!

I realized yesterday that no matter how I place I have had the opportunity on this journey to meet the most amazing ladies ever. I'm so lucky and grateful to have all these women in my life and the friendships I've made are worth more than anything. I learn more and more each show I compete in. Also my coach, Janelle Nicolo, knows what she's doing and has me looking even better than last year! Love this woman! LOL!

Well, this week is it. Send some positive thoughts my way for Saturday the 30th. You can watch live on ESPN 3 or online, which will be streaming live, here at http://www.musclemania.com/ .

Thanks everyone for keeping up! Lots of Love!

Today's cardio split--

30 mins- sprints

30 mins- walking uphill, side run uphill (both sides) and finish out running.


  1. Congradulations on all your hard work. i'm very proud of you. i wish you the absolute best of luck on your competition next Saturday. remember everything you've learned, stay focused keep the faith and believe in yourself. i send you lots of love and positive vibes to ya Champ! God Bless and Happy Easter Hun! ;-) Xoxo Mwah!

  2. Crazy Cardio, but you're lookin darn good lady!