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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a journey!

What a relief! After about 3 months of kick butt nutrition and workouts I'm finally done with both competitions and my photo shoot. It was such an amazing journey and I've meet so many amazing women. I also realized I am a part of one of the most fabulous groups for women who are interested in competing or just a healthier lifestyle. Being a Savage Girl is one of the best things I could possibily do. It's such a support system and the coaches are totally knowledgable and work so closely with you for you to reach your goals. I don't think I would've made it thru this journey without them.

On October 23rd I did my first competition for National Physic Committee. (My new profile pic is from that show) It was a great show for me to do since it had been a full year since I had been onstage after breaking my ankle. I trained my hardest, didn't cut any corners and worked the stage as best I could. Unfortunately, that day I wasn't what the judges were looking for and I didn't place well. I really don't mind because it was the best I've ever looked for a competition and I gave it my all. The other great thing that came from this show I now have an amazing new friend who was my support thru training for the show. Tracy is a mom of a 2 and 1/2 year old little girl and she looks fantastic! She competed in figure and placed 2nd in her division. I was soooo happy and proud for her that all that hard work paid off! She is now a lifetime friend and I'm totally grateful for the friendship!

On October 29th I had a photo shoot in Brooklyn, NY with Jorge Narvaez and it was the most spectaular experience! Marie-Lynn is amazing at make-up, Lindsay Messina was there to help with posing and Jorge is just an incredible photographer. I can't wait to see and share the photos from the shoot! If anyone is in the Brooklyn area and looking for a photographer Jorge is absolutely amazing!

October 30th was my time competing in a Fitness America show and I am in love! The show was put together and run so well! The girls have more time on the stage and there are more divisions to compete in. Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness,Bikini and Model. We get to have fun with a sportswear round that incorporates props and themes. I absolutely loved it! I can't wait for next season to compete for them again! At this show I met lots of lovely ladies and lots of new friends. Special thanks to Scott for coming out to show some support : )

Within the next few days I'll have some more pics up and 2 videos for everyone to see : ) For now it's back to the grind and fixing imperfections for next season. I did get to start a new boot camp at my gym which should be a great time and a great way to get my clients thru the holidays.

That's it for now!

Lots of hugs!
-Nikki : )


  1. awsome blog Roxxi. i wish you the best of luck and joy in all your future competitions and also hope to see you back in the ring someday :) xoxo

    you Rock Roxxi :) xoxo


  2. Great to know you enjoyed doing the show. Hope to be able to come out and support again next year. :)


  3. Looking great Nikki! : )

  4. Thanks Scott! Turns out I placed 6th! Not too bad for a first timer there : )

  5. You have inspired me to get in shape myself. After years of competing in tang soo in my early 20's, my bones really started to hurt. Since you are a pro wrestler, AKA human bouncing ball as Steve Borden put it, do you experience pain while working out? I'm close to your age and would like to know how you deal with any residual pain after taking so many hits in the ring--thanks--bird

  6. Congrats on 6th.....But as i tod you there....you should have been higher. :)

  7. Congratulations the 6th place finish. Great job in following through with a goal. Are we going to be seeing you in the ring anytime soon?

  8. Conglats! hopefully, you will place in first place next year! And hope to see you back on TV soon as well!