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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family and facials...Wait! What????

Hey Everyone!

So far today has been amazing! I hit up the gym for a bangin leg workout. Lots of single leg stuff to build up my legs and get back my symmetry since I'll be able to compete again. That's right! I'm gonna compete at the Cutler Classic in Boston in Oct. I had been hoping to compete back in April and May but couldn't due to breaking my ankle. It really bummed me out at the time but....Now I'm ready and can't wait!

Soooo today I got a facial. (Ladies and gentlemen minds out of the gutter) If you've never had one you should for sure try it. Super relaxing! And if you're up north like me I can hook you up with a great place.

Tonight I'm off to go see Pop Roxx and hopefully my little bro will be up here tomorrow for Dad's day so we can help Pop Roxx move. Should be a great wkend! Hope it's the same for everyone else!

Hugs and Happy Father's Day if I don't get to post tomorrow!
-Nikki :)


  1. Hope your dad has a great Father's day and you all don't hurt yourself moving his stuff. Have a great weekend.

  2. Minds out the gutter? LOL. Why would we think something else?

    Glad your workout went well. Enjoy the weekend.

    --Shane (Hit The Ropes)

  3. I am with Shane, what makes you think that we were even close to thinking of something else? Really, Nikki you need to try and stop judging us by our worse specimens, if I actually had any feelings that could have hurt.


    Good luck in October, you are setting out to win another competition and I'll be striving to get lower car insurance premium rates as I get another year older, at which point can we just start going backwards, I'll be more than happy to shell out the higher premiums if it means I can be younger, this getting older stuff sucks.

    - Bill

  4. Have a great Father's Day with you dad and family and good luck at the competition! We are looting for you!

  5. Walter is "looting" for you...
    With all that "LOOT" you better
    at least buy me one CAKE!!

    Happy Father's Day to Pop Roxx!!

    Take it,

  6. This exactly why I loved watching you wrestle, because you always had a great attitude no matter what; even when they shaved your head. I've seen pictures of you the last time you competed in bodybuilding, and you looked fantastic. I will now raise a bottle of beer in your honor, and here's hoping that you win first place....cheers---bird

  7. Rox, you can say it however you want. It is very womanly of you to thank TNA, but the fact is you got SCREWED! To have you lose the match and then release you would've been one thing. But to show up and find out your CAREER is going to be put on the line and that you are going to lose is just pure B/S!!!!! That's not right!!! Thats not right at ALL!!!!! You are beautiful woman with an mazing amount of talent!!!! I wish you the best in your career and hope to see you on T.V. again REAL soon.... even if it is with the WWE. Goodluck Roxxi!!!!!

  8. Thank you guys so much! Pop Roxx and I had a great night and he's almost all moved into his new place! How exciting!

    And thank you all for the kind words! Love you guys for the support!