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Friday, June 18, 2010

What a week.....

So, I know everyone is wondering what exactly happened at TNA this past week. Well I can tell you most of what you hear is true. I was told when I arrive to the set that I would be putting my career on the line. I did hear I was visibly upset but I would like to think I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, TNA has always been a big part of my life but if it's supposed to be my last match or entire day with TNA I want to enjoy it. I want everyone to remember that I was cheerful that day because I was one of the lucky people, just like everyone else who works at TNA, who have the opportunity to be flown to Orlando FL, hang out with some of my closest friends and do what I love to do.

With that being said, I want everyone to know I'm proud of the career I did have with them. Every part of it. I legit gave my blood, sweat and tears to TNA and the fans and I know I can walk away with my head held high. I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me several times by the company to do what I love. I also appreciate the opportunity you fans have given me by letting be a part of your lives and you a part of mine. Your support has been amazing!

In closing I would like to thank everyone in TNA and most of all Dixie for all the memories I have and fans don't worry I'm not finished in wrestling. It's just a new chapter.

-Nikki :)


  1. I think we might have the roles reversed a bit here Nikki, so let me try and fix mend that. It shouldn't be you that thanks us, it should be us thanking you. Yes, I realize that without the fans support, you wouldn't be able to do what you love, I get that I really do.

    However, I think (only speaking for myself, and no one else) sometimes as fans, we easily begin to take things for granted. We assume, that no matter what on Thursday evening, when we've left our just over broke pay rage institution, we will turn on the TV and find you busting your hump like you've done week in and week out (when, creative actually had something for you to do).

    It's those times we should be thankful that you were blessed with the ability to entertain, and showcase incredible athleticism. It shouldn't be something that is reserved only for those unfortunate times where we are no longer able to witness the talents first hand.

    Again, speaking for just myself I can honestly say that you and handful of other individuals (whom coincidentally for one reason or the other, are currently no longer employed at the above mentioned company) truly made TNA what it was. You helped bring credibility to your profession and your efforts certainly do not go unnoticed, and they shouldn't go unrewarded.

    For whatever it is worth, allow me the opportunity to thank you personally for all that you've put in during your tenure with the company. As you alluded to in your message, this isn't the end, just a new page, perhaps a new chapter, and a new adventure is just around the corner, I wish you much success (and no I am not going to use a certain compound word that is synonymous in depicting such an event), and happiness, no matter where this crazy ride takes you.

    Who knows maybe you'll give chef Curtis Stone a run for his money, I am almost certain I'd pay to watch that, almost. :)

  2. Hey Nikki,

    that's the best attitude to have!

    You Rock!

  3. I really am going to miss you in TNA. But whatever you do I wish you luck. But WWE.....Try not to go there. Money is good....but man....WWE....They suck! lol.... But again whatever you do....i wish you luck.

  4. Nikki,
    Your depature (yet again) from TNA makes me sad. It is very sweet of you to be chipper about the situation, but as a fan, I feel robbed. You have the sheer talent to be a knockouts champion, but Dixie and her band of merry men want to turn knockouts into divas. Watching you in the ring reminds me of why I love pro wrestling in the first place. In my eyes, you are a real wrestler, who doesn't need a silly gimmick or 36 triple F breasts to get over with fans. You are the real freaking deal.
    For example, I love watching Shantelle wrestle, but her short stature and oversized implants make her look top-heavy. When it comes to female wrestlers, I like the girls that come off as real women, instead of "divas".
    Speaking of implants, TNA just released ODB....wtf? ODB was always a great performer, but I guess she doesn't fit into the new deal.
    In closing, NIKKI, You are awesome, so be safe and continue to wow fans with your ability.

  5. Hey Nikki,

    I am so glad to see that you are keeping a positive attitude, and keeping your head up. I hope the way you were treated over there will not discourage you from keep doing what you love. It really is a shame what became of TNA's KO division, I thought you made a great return, and despite what some say, I thought your promo was actually quite touching and inspiring, and not "fake" nor "over the top", and it seem to come from the heart.

    I think you deserve to be a champ,since you been with them so long, and I thought you were the prettiest and talented KO they had, especially your new look, which I think is dynamite!

    Hope all is well and I hope more bright things are ahead of you!


  6. Nikki
    Were you given any reason why? Or is it that as been seen online:Tna was making some cuts-but to cut one of its most talented and popular performers doesnt seem like a wise move.I think Fans should start a bring Roxxi Back campaign.

    God Bless You

  7. I was so annoyed when I first found out that they had released you again :( But I think its great that you're keeping your head high! Keep doing what you do best.

    - Shane

  8. To say it bummed me out is an understatement. I live in orlando and frequent the tapings. Meeting you has always been one of my goals, so every time they bring you back it gets me jazzed. Not only because we get to see you kicking ass in the ring again, but because it gives me hope that I'll add meeting you into the mix.
    I really wish they would just make up their minds. It has to be a little frustrating to you at the very least. But I do appreciate the fantastic attitude.
    I'm just crossing my fingers that they will bring you back for another more permanent go round. Lord knows the Knock-outs could use a full time Roxxi injection!

  9. A Roxxi-Dreamer combo would have been awesome in TNA. The Hardcore Knockout and the Hardcore Legend. Why would TNA let you go when they bring Tommy Dreamer in? That should have given creative a stream of endless ideas.

  10. Bought tickets for the Maximum Impact Tour in the faint hope of seeing you live. Won't get that chance now :(

    At least you're well and upbeat about it, despite the shitty way they treated you.

    Hope to see you again somewhere.

    From a fan in the UK

  11. ....boo TNA.


    You...just...came back. And now you're gone again. Boo. Hiss. Boo.

  12. A class Lady with a posative attitude. More than I can say about TNA.

  13. Very classy & respectful. You are awesome Miss Roxx, and it'll be great to see you in SHIMMER this September!

  14. I agree with Gene...it is we who should thank you. I have seen you on TNA but also via other promotions via videos and you give it your all. TNA is the poorer for letting you go but the promotion or promotions you sign up with are the richer. It's TNA's loss and the others' gain.

    'Nuff said,


  15. Does This Mean You'll Be Back In The Boston Indie Scene Soon?

  16. the current TNA women's division is boring. It's a bathroom break. all they have now is angry valley girl characters that slap and pull hair. It's the same garbage that WWE has for a women's division.

    I saw we bombard Dixie's facebook with requests to bring back Roxxi (be respectful and nice) and others like her that were great wrestlers and fun to watch. TNA was supposed to mean Total Non-stop Action, not...T and A...ahem.