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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is why.....

So, it seems I haven't posted in a while.  LOL!  The last time I posted I was getting ready for my first time competing with the WBFF.  Well, that was such an amazing experience that I'm getting ready to compete with them again!  This time is a little different than last.  I wasn't very happy with my placing at last show and it had nothing to do with the judges, politics, or any of the basic stuff people complain about when they're unhappy.  It was on me.  I had started a new job, though that's no excuse, trying to figure out my schedule and training (and trying not to overtrain) was a huge challenge.  After that show I used my disappointment as fuel to dust myself off and just go at it harder than before.  I started back at the gym the Monday after the show and decided I was going to kill it.  During that week I decided I was going to compete again with the WBFF on November 3rd in Providence, RI.  That was it.  I felt I needed to redeem myself.

I had the crazy thought I was going to try and train myself but that ended up not being the case.  Unfortunately, we tend to be our worst critics and strive for perfection.  No matter how many people tell you you look great you still can find something that's wrong.  So, after a month or so I started talking with people and heard amazing things about www.HitchFit.com from Coryn Martin who is a WBFF Pro (http://www.facebook.com/#!/CorynEliseCC) and my friend Crista who is a part of my www.facebook.com/destinedtobedivas. I contacted Diana and Micah and found out they have a vegetarian program.  How amazing!  So, I signed up and I couldn't be happier with the program.  It's completely different and I've seen some amazing results!  Hopefully, they will be here in Boston for the show and I'll have the chance to meet them : )

Now while all of this was happening my boyfriend got an opportunity of a lifetime!  He was called by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to be a professional wrestler.  It's literally his dream job!  Well, for any of us wrestlers it's our dream job.  LOL.  It's truly a blessing and an amazing experience.  Only problem being we need to relocate to Tampa, FL.  This is amazing in every way except I had my goal set to compete on November 3rd and I'm determined to improve from my last showing.  My boyfriend, being the amazing man he is, decided I was staying here in Boston and reaching my goal.

With that being said, at this current moment my cat, my dog, my furniture, and my BOYFRIEND are now in Tampa.  We moved them across the country the last week of August.  I'm currently living at his parents house (who I refer to as the roommates) and getting ready to visit Tampa for the weekend.  (So freakin excited!!) This visit marks our half way point until I move and leave New England for good.  My flight is booked for November 6th to move permanently to Florida. 

At this moment in time this show now means so much more than just redeeming myself.  It'll be the last weekend I'll be living in New England.  The last competition I'll be doing in New England.  And the last competition my family will be local enough to come and cheer my on.  They have made plans to come and stay the weekend with me and I'm so incredibly happy.  My boss and clients will be attending and I'll be with some of my best friends and some new friends that I've made just by prepping for this show.  So, if you are in New England and would like to see entertain (unfortunately not in a ring this time lol) in the area come to this show.  www.newenglandfitnessweekend.com .  I would love to enjoy the day with everyone! 

Now you know why when my alarm goes off each morning at 3:55 am I get right up and go to the gym.  Why I prep my food and never think of a relax meal.  Why it's so important that I don't skip my workouts.  I have so much to look forward to and no time to waste.  No regrets to be had.  I want to be up on that stage looking my absolute best and know no matter what I gave this contest prep everything I have. 


  1. Wow! Great picture! And we want to welcome you both as residents of the Sunshine State. You need to learn to say, "Go, 'Noles!" lol

  2. Thanks so much! And thanks for checking out the page : )