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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheating...How bad can it be?

So every now and then everyone needs to cheat on their nutrition plans.  It's understandable.  You can't always be 100% on track.  It'll make you crazy!  But so many people are cheating everyday and not realizing it.  When you "sneak" a bite here and there or use the mentality, "Well I've been good all day I can have just a little bit", it all adds up.  Yes your metabolism needs a little jolt after eating clean for a week or so but you have to earn it.  You need to have that week of eating clean with no hiccups before you can have your reward.

Let's also try and change the mentality of having a "cheat meal".  It's not a cheat, it's a reward for the hard work you put in during the week.  And it's not an entire day of rewards.  You reward yourself with 1 meal.  During the week when you feel like you're going to give in just remember the reward that awaits if you can stay on track and how great it's going to be since you earned it.  Find replacements for what you're craving or go for a walk, leave the kitchen or the environment that's causing you to feel like you're going to cave in.  If you do cave in you need to give up that reward meal and wait until the following week.  It sounds difficult and hard to do but once you see the results you'll be so happy and those reward meals will taste that much better.  Plus you're tough!  You can do this!

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