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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A great day off!

Finally after 2 12 hours days I get to hang back a bit. I love my job though and I love being there for my clients. Another one of my clients lost 5 inches off her waist! She's doing amazing and I'm soooo excited for her! And a gentleman I train has completely progressed in his workouts and we're doing measurements Friday. I know he's gonna see big changes as well.

Today Max, the pup and I hit up XO on Elm St. in Manchester. Place is amazing and pup friendly. We gave them 2 thumbs and 1 paw up! Then we went to the gym and starting to watch Dexter season 3. I love this show! I can't believe this season! It's amazing! And.....Mad Men starts again this Sunday.

This past weekend I was in North Dartmouth, MA to try on some dresses for Ariel's wedding. I'm so excited for her! I love her dearly and her happiness warms my heart. Congratulations my best friend! You and Tomas will live happily ever after :)

Time for some sleep. Goodnight moon!

-Nikki : )


  1. Oooh. You're a Mad Men fanatic, too?

    What do you think is going to happen this season?

  2. I love Mad Men! I'm not sure but super excited to see!

  3. I couldn't get into "Mad Men" and I am sure if I try to dive back into it 3 years later, I would just be as confused about it as I was when the pilot was released.

    Congratulations on the constant positive change you are making for your clients. Now all we need to do, is figure out how to make a million Nikki clones, so you could go around and help people from coast to coast.

    So many people are left discouraged trying to meet their physical goals, for a number of reasons but I have to think most of their disappointment lies that they try to tackle it by themselves, with no active support system, or they chase every high priced fad on late night infomercials and for maybe the exception of a handful of products, they are left not only disappointed for not looking like the paid actor (or actress) in the infomercials but also angered because they felt they were taken for a monetary ride with little to no recourse to recoup the expense. (how's that for a run-on sentence? - you'd think I'd master the art of using that thing they call a comma. :-))

    As for the wedding, should be memorable - I know the last time I attended a wedding (which was of a family member) I got escorted out once it was discovered that I added something a little extra to the punch bowl of a clear, alcoholic nature, the Russians would have been proud. My brother was NOT amused, but I sure was. (yes, I am easily amused)

    Until you write again, have a great weekend.

  4. I'm so happy to see you doing well Nikki, keep up the good work. I tried the portabello recipe and it was really good. I'm usually a meat and potatoes kinda guy, but that was good stuff--bird